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Bringing a new experience to our local school, Canterbury Public, in Sydney’s inner west was not the purpose of our most recent gift to Bell Shakespeare’s In School Performance Programme but a wonderful result. Having been introduced to Shakespeare previously with Bell Shakespeare, Daniel, 9 and Adam, 6 were committed to seeing this program supported so other students could be likewise “transported by the language, excited by the creativity and delighted by the humour and quotes”.

On September 4 the Wonderful World of Will will be performed at Canterbury Public School for the students in Years 3 – 6.

Our youngest members of the Bethesda Trust are excited to share this opportunity within their community but more so to see Shakespeare and the world of drama and creative arts shared more widely. Daniel and Adam will be preparing a short digital story on the experience interviewing Bell Shakespeare actors, teachers and students and we will share this when it is done.

Photo credit: Bell Shakespeare

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