Planting Hope

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Warrawong Lancare 2015 (21)

The Crossing Land Education Trust in Bermagui on the NSW far south coast was the first recipient of our new approach in giving.

In August 2015, 13 students from Warrawong High School visited The Crossing, an environmental education centre at Bermagui on the far south coast of NSW. The students, supported by coordinator Aaron Sorensen, had all been involved in using permaculture to create a thriving garden at the school.

The week they spent at The Crossing – camping out, caring for the land and learning about sustainable living – helped deepen their commitment to their work at the school.

Dean and Annette Turner, who established the The Crossing almost 20 years ago, ensured there was range of rich learning opportunities for the students.

Our support for this project was very practical. We helped cover the travel costs to and and from The Crossing (a 10 hour round trip by bus from Wollongong).

In addition to the financial support, we worked with the students to prepare a digital story about what they valued and what they learned from their time at The Crossing. Planting Hope is their story.

The Crossing and Warrawong High School are delighted with Planting Hope.  It gives them a way to share what they are all achieving to a wide range of audiences.

By preparing this digital story, we also hope to encourage others to consider what practical support they can provide to innovative programs in their communities.


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